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Traders to protest against anti encroachment drive in Dheri Hassanabad

RAWALPINDI: In a bid to halt the anti-encroachment operation in Dheri Hassanabad, the local traders threatened to stage a protest demonstration against Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) for demolishing their business.

As per details, CCB carried out anti encroachment drive in Dheri Hassanabad and taken handcarts and goods in custody.

During anti encroachment drive, the traders and CCB officials exchange harsh words when the removed a counter that was fixed on the footpath outside Tasty Foods by the Muhammad Mukhtar – who is also president of trader’s union.

Later, the trader leader Muhammad Mukhtar filed an application to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi and accused the CCB officials of getting bribe money from the Vendors. He stated, the vendors have used abusive language for the president of trade union.

According to CCB sources, trade union leader Muhammad Mukhtar used abuse language for the CCB staff and threaten them of dire consequences when they picked up stall fixed on footpath outside his shop.

The traders are angry due to the operation against encroachment and want to install carts and stall on footpath and roadside, which the CCB officials are not allowing them, sources added.

The traders has threaten that they would stage a protest demonstration on July 03 if CCB didn’t allowed them of reinstalling their carts and stalls.

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