Homoeopathic Medicine Is Effective In Covid-19, Research says

If the world is to recover from epidemics or pandemics , it is important that we now return to alternative medicine, which are the basic solution to how we can improve our immunity, which not only protects us from the current pandemic , also can get rid of diseases and even  get out of the dangerous situation of the future to some extent and move towards a better solution.

There is a strong record of homeopathic remedies. Out of all the epidemics & pandemics homeopathic remedies have proved to be more useful than conventional remedies. Here are some of them, the cholera epidemic reported on November 30, 1831, that allopathic medicines cured 229 out of 331 patients and 102 deaths, while homeopathic medicines cured 311 out of 349 patients, while only 38 deaths, which was a great achievement in all aspects. The death rate from allopathic medicine was 59.2% while the death rate from homeopathic medicine was only 9% which was a great achievement. Cholera outbreak in 1892 again cured more patients from homeopathic medicine use and the mortality rate was 15.5% while for allopathic medicine the mortality rate was 42%. Similarly, in Yellow Fever , due to homeopathic medicine mortality rate was 16.4% while the mortality rate from allopathic medicine was 83.6. Similarly, in the case of flu, in 1918, the death rate from homeopathic medicine was 1% for 24000/26000 patients while the death rate from allopathic medicine was too high. The record shows that homeopathic medicine has been useful in every epidemics & pandemics in every era, the only reason being that it improves the immune system, to eradicate or kill the micro-organism, not suppress it. which not only keeps the death rate from being negligible, but also causing no complications for the present as well as future.

Even in modern times we are facing a pandemic like coronavirus , even against covid-19, modern medical science is helpless. No vaccine has been developed yet, while the World  Health Organization says that, now we have to live with coronavirus, in such conditions  what  is the role of alternative medicine? either effective or not, homeopathy experts led by Dr. Iqbal Shaheen, head of Frontier Homoeopathic Medical College, who has been working for homeopathy for 32 years as well as being the director of the college. He presented the research at a press conference yesterday and once again proved how useful homeopathic medicines are in epidemics or pandemics. He appealed to government agencies to give the homeopathic community a chance, conditions like the corona virus can be controlled and now is the time for us to take advantage of all medical fields, with homeopathic medicines we can not only treat patients infected with corona but also keep the rest of the community safe.

He set up a  team of experienced homeopathic doctors to conduct research on homeopathy and coronavirus, 80 patients were registered for research work, all patients’ symptoms (including medical related), & drugs were used keeping in view the test record, of which 50 patients tested positive and 30 patients were treated on the basis of symptoms. Most patients recovered in 3 to 5 days while some patients recovered in 6 to 7 days.

Patients who tested positive were re-tested which turned out to be negative. In addition, they also provided preventive medicine to the community, used arsenic album 30c with amazing results. The record shows that homeopathic medicines have been useful in every epidemic or pandemic in every era, the only reason being that it improves the immune system which not only did the death rate remain almost non-existent, but there were no complications.

Even in modern times, we are facing  a pandemic like the coronavirus, in which a country like China, where the epidemic spread from and who first controlled it. Experts are saying that we have been able to get rid of this pandemic with Traditional Medicine, i.e natural medicine / herbal medicine, also the government of a country like India, which is really developing rapidly in medical technology, has given permission to homoeopathic doctors to fight against covid-19 with homoeopathic medicine, and according to research work they have very good results ,they are also being used as a precautionary measure.

In addition, many countries, including Cuba and Italy, have benefited from homeopathic remedies against this pandemic. We must also pay attention to this. In a situation where allopathic medicines are failing and there is no vaccine, health professionals will have to resort to alternative medicines. Otherwise, the aftermath of this pandemic will prove to be a major challenge for the world.

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