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Swat Villages Trained in Disaster Preparedness Workshops

Swat: In a proactive initiative, the Community Resilience Activity North (CRA) orchestrated a series of disaster preparedness planning workshops aimed at enhancing the readiness of three villages—Paklai, Cherbut, and Shagai—in Madyan, Swat.

Running from December 4 to 8, these workshops engaged a total of 60 participants, comprising 45 men and 15 women, ranging from students, local shopkeepers, farmers, to social workers.

Facilitated by CRA North, the workshops focused on equipping attendees with skills in natural disaster prevention, emphasizing comprehensive planning and hazard assessment to safeguard their communities.

The organizers highlighted the workshops’ objective: to empower locals in devising strategies to mitigate various natural disasters and hazards that frequently impact the region.

Participants expressed appreciation for the initiative, acknowledging the region’s vulnerability to natural calamities and viewing the training as a valuable asset for future preparedness.

Salim Iqbal, the lead trainer from Rescue 1122, provided practical demonstrations illustrating diverse concerns, enhancing participants’ understanding of potential challenges.

Moreover, on the workshop’s final day, Field Assistant Agriculture, Madin Haroon Khan, commended the efforts of CRA North, underscoring the significance of such initiatives in fortifying communities against natural disasters.

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