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Lahore Police Catch Ichhra Bazaar Incident Accused


In a significant development, Lahore police have successfully apprehended three suspects involved in the Ichhra Bazaar incident that took place on February 24.

The suspects have been identified as Nadeem Commando, Adil Ali, and Altamash.

Following the incident where a woman was harassed and threatened with violence, the accused went into hiding and deactivated their mobile phones.

However, through a joint effort by the operations and investigation wings, the suspects were traced and arrested.

The Lahore police emphasized that ensuring the safety of citizens is their utmost priority and reiterated that nobody is above the law.

Meanwhile, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) has granted interim bail until March 25 to Maulana Aleemud Din Shakir, one of the accused in the Ichhra Bazaar incident case. The court ordered him to provide surety bonds worth Rs 100,000 to avail the bail.

Similarly, Khalid Shahenshah, another accused in the same case, has also been granted interim bail until March 25, with the condition of furnishing surety bonds of Rs 100,000.

The incident in Ichhra Bazaar sparked outrage as a mob falsely accused a woman of blasphemy due to a misunderstanding of Arabic script on her clothing. Despite the potentially dangerous situation, timely action by the police led to the rescue of the woman.

The bravery of ASP Syeda Sheharbano Naqvi, who confronted the mob and rescued the woman, was widely praised both within and outside Pakistan. Other officers, including SHO Mohammad Bilal Aarbi and SP Operations Irtaza Komail, also played crucial roles in ensuring the woman’s safety.

The swift response and effective coordination among law enforcement officials resulted in averting a potentially tragic situation in Ichhra Bazaar.

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