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“Isolated as PTI Leadership Imprisoned and Pressured”, says Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan, has revealed his feelings of isolation and discomfort as a result of his top leadership either being imprisoned or pressured to denounce their party membership.

The former prime minister of Pakistan has been embroiled in a political upheaval over the past few weeks, as reported by PBS Newshour.

According to the news source, on May 9th, paramilitary troops detained Imran Khan on allegations of corruption. However, following intervention from the Supreme Court, he was released.

The arrest of Imran Khan sparked protests from his supporters, which subsequently led to a widespread campaign against his party and the arrest of thousands more individuals.

During an interview, Imran Khan expressed, “Right now, all of my senior leadership is incarcerated due to the circumstances.”

He mentioned that even the leader of his party was in hiding but was eventually captured and imprisoned. Imran Khan added that around 10,000 of his supporters had been detained as well.

Feeling somewhat isolated, Imran Khan emphasized concerns about his safety, referring to statements from the Interior Ministry that highlighted the grave danger to his life. He further revealed that his head of security had been taken away, and he had not seen him for three days, while two of his bulletproof cars had been seized.

Regarding the arrests, Imran Khan raised questions about the need for a thorough investigation considering the presence of CCTV cameras. He criticized the manner in which the entire party was being pursued, stating that they were acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

The former prime minister expressed his belief that the end of democracy was imminent, signifying the deterioration of the legal system.

When asked about the possibility of elections in October, Imran Khan replied, “Given that the party’s popularity has only increased despite our best efforts, I believe we have reached a deadlock.”

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