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Seminar Highlights Role of RTI in Empowering Citizens

Charsadda: A seminar on the ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Act’ was held at the Department of Political Science, where prominent speakers emphasized the empowering nature of the Right to Information (RTI) in holding the government accountable and promoting good governance. The event saw the participation of Vice Chancellor Dr. Bashir Ahmad, faculty members, and a large number of students.

Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan, Chief Information Commissioner of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Commission (KPIC), highlighted the transformative power of RTI in empowering citizens with crucial information. She emphasized that RTI serves as a vital tool for ensuring transparency and acting as a watchdog for public officials.

Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan also spoke about the benefits of RTI for students and the educated segment of society, as it can be used to address injustices in processes such as admissions and job selections.

As a guest speaker, Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan expressed KPIC’s unwavering commitment to implementing the RTI Law across every corner of the province. She expressed her desire for RTI to become a familiar term for every citizen, enabling them to reap the benefits of this empowering law.

Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan also highlighted the pivotal role of Public Information Officers (PIOs) in the effective implementation of the RTI Law. She announced that a training session on RTI Law for the PIOs of public sector universities in the province will be arranged in the near future.

During the seminar, Syed Saadat Jahan, Assistant Director of Communication at KPIC, delivered a detailed lecture on the RTI Law. Mr. Jahan shed light on the procedure for lodging information requests in public bodies, providing attendees with valuable insights.

In his concluding remarks, Vice Chancellor Dr. Bashir Ahmad praised the mechanism established by KPIC and expressed gratitude to the Chief Information Commissioner for participating in the seminar.

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