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IHRA to probe into alleged negligence of QAIH doctors causing patient’s death

ISLAMABAD: While taking notice of a complaint, the Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has initiated inquiry against the Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital (QAIH) to investigate into the allegation of alleged negligence of doctors causing loss of one precious life.

Zahoor Ahmed – a resident of Gujjar Khan Rawalpindi – have lodged a complaint to the IHRA stating that his 26-year-old son died due to the negligence and mistreatment of doctors at QAIH.
“My son Owais Ahmed on April 14, 2021 along with some relatives went to QAIH for treatment of his back bone disease, where he was remained admitted for more than five days”, he stated in his complaint [copy available with The Reporters].

He added, on April 22, 2021 Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed convinced them for the operation of his son and they agreed with the recommendation.

On April 23, 2021, Dr Ishfaq Ahmed along with Dr. Bushra and Dr Nouman operated the patient and after six hours long operation, the doctors informed them that the operation was successful; however, after few hours, Dr. Bushra informed them that Owais’s health is deteriorated and directed to immediately arrange six bottles of blood, he stated in his complaint.

He maintained that after few hours, the doctors again informed them that condition of their patient is critical and had shifted him to ventilator. They also asked them to immediately arrange 40 more bottles of blood. They arranged the blood and paid 0.95 million rupees for the treatment.

The next day, Dr Bushra informed me that the doctors have mishandled your patient. I have arranged bed for your patient in surgical three ward of Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS), shift your patient to the PIMS if you want to save him.

On Dr. Bushra’s recommendation we shifted Owais to PIMS where after examination of the document, doctors informed that due to mistreatment, GCS is dropped to extreme low level, and directed to shift the patient back to QAIH who have treated him earlier, adding that after some more medical tests we came to know that rips and a kidney of patient was also damage.

When contacted, Mariyam Zia – Spokesperson IHRA – said, on complaint of the citizen inquiry has been initiated to probe the matter, QAIH in response of the notice issued by IHRA have submitted their response.

Furthermore, a panel of experts in the particular field is constituted to inquire the matter and final decision will be taken on the recommendation of that panel.

Despite repeated attempts Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed could not reached for his version.
When contact – Dr. Bushra said, the matter is already taken up on the relevant forum, so no comments can be offered as the matter is subjudice.

Nadeem Tanoli

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