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“Coronavirus Can Be Defeated By Eating Locusts”

After the entire Zartaj Gul debacle on what COVID-19 means, another member of PTI has said something equally stupid.

According to PTI MNA Riaz Fatyana coronavirus can be defeated by eating locusts. While addressing a parliamentary session, he said that “There’s a common notion about the locusts that eating it could provide the best defence against the coronavirus.’

He further went on to say that research should be conducted to prove this.

“If a research is carried out in this regard, and, it is proven that eating locusts creates a strong defence against the virus, then the nation would eliminate the pandemic on its own and the government will not have to make much effort,” he added.

Only a few days ago Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul claimed on a TV show that the COVID-19 refers to the ’19 points’ of the virus. Later, she admitted her mistake in a social media post, saying she was misquoted.

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