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CDA starts chemical spray to fight corona virus

Islamabad: In a follow up of decision taken yesterday by Islamabad administration the cleaning activities were collectively started by concerned departments. Capital Development Authority (CDA), ICT Administration and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has started Chemical spray and washing of different Hospitals, Business Centre, Markets, Markaz and major Roads of the city.

According to a press release, ICT Administration after receiving Chemical consulted with the Ministry of Health for advice and now different Hospital, Business Centre, Markets, Markaz and major Roads of the city are being sprayed and washed with chemical. The special chemical operation aimed to control spread of Corona virus was started from PIMS Hospital Islamabad on Thursday morning. Police protection was also accompanying the teams.

During this activity chemical spray and washing of premises and surroundings  of Federal Government Employees Polyclinic Hospital, CDA Hospital have been made while the chemical spray and washing activity have been carried out in the area and surrounding of Super Market F-6, Jinnah Super market F-7 and F 8 Markaz / Court. Chemical spray and washing activity has also been carried out in the area of Union Council of Hatheyal and Baharakhu, Islamabad

Furthermore, chemical spray in the area of Sabzi Mandi and soundings of Panahgha Sector I-11/4 was carried out. While, disinfect team and 1122 medical team of MCI carried out the activity in Kahchi Abadi, Sector H-9 and 02 Pickets were also established on the either sides. Moreover, Health teams, ICT Administration have also been deployed for remotest rural area of Islamabad to diagnose the suspected Corona virus patients.

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