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World under the dark shadow of pandemics & homeopathy

The Covid-19 virus, which spreads from China, now declared a global pandemic. Starting from the Chinese city of Wuhan and now affecting the whole world.

This is not for the first time in the history of the world that an epidemic has spread from China to the whole world, but even before this, the world has been plagued by many epidemics & pandemics. The World Health Organization (WHO) came into being after World War-II Even before this, the world has been plagued by many diseases, germs and viruses which have been declared as pandemics. And after the establishment of the WHO, various epidemics & pandemics have spread in the world, including cholera epidemic, Spanish flu, Smallpox, Measles, Leprosy, Polio, Asia Flu, Hong Kong Flu, HIV, TB, Malaria, Swine Flu, etc. and in the coming period, we will be facing more, due to antibiotics resistance. According to the WHO, these epidemics & pandemics are now extinct, but not at all. These epidemics still exist today.

The cholera epidemic first appeared in the world before the beginning of the 19th century, affecting about 1.3 million people, and 130,000 died. The Spanish flu, about 102 years ago, which proved to be more damaging than cholera, emerged during World War I (1918-1920), affecting 50 million people and causing about 5 million deaths. It is one of the most dangerous epidemics in the world. If you look at smallpox, 14,246 cases were reported in 2017 and 21 deaths. In 2018, this rate has come down significantly.

Similarly, the WHO estimates that in 2018 there were 228 million new cases of malaria resulting in 405,000 deaths. TB, HIV, polio, measles, etc. are still present today and the epidemics & pandemics that have been eradicated are also causing new complications. The plague spread as it was during (1342 – 1353), the dangerous Outbreak but it re-emerged in London in 1665, killing about 100,000 people. When scientists found the skeleton of the human body, they researched it.

DNA is responsible for the reasons behind the resurgence of the plague, and this is exactly what happened. If we look, we know why we still have TB or the diseases mentioned above. If we are not getting rid of new diseases, then we come to the conclusion that most diseases or epidemics /pandemics are within our genes is becoming hereditary as well as causing some kind of defect which can have many more causes but in modern times we are facing hereditary diseases which are very common.

There are many reasons for this and that is why we are still suffering from various medical problems. Even today we are not getting rid of the disease like TB because it is also hereditary and after hereditary transmission, it also gives rise to new diseases. Apart from this, there are many reasons due to which the issues of Gene Mutation is increasing in our time. The main reason is the wrong treatment of diseases.

If we look at Pakistan, the misuse and irrational use of antibiotics is very high here, which not only causes antibiotic resistance, but also a special cause of (Gene Mutation), rather, the world is looking for a new group of antibiotics and that’s why the world is still facing not only the old epidemics /pandemics but also new epidemics & panemics in the near future.

So what should be our plan? Where even modern medical science seems to be failing, the world has not been saved from the effects of old epidemics/pandemics to this day, nor has it been saved from the ravages of the present pandemics and no solution for the coming era. We have to keep our immune system strong so that we can fight the epidemic / pandemics and in fact, this is true not only in Corona but in all epidemics / pandemics and other diseases. If our immune system is good then we can fight against various diseases. The world will have to move towards alternative therapies, now people in Europe and other countries will resort to traditional therapies , conventional medicines are being used sparingly, the immune  system  is being talked about today by health experts because of Corona, the same thing was done two centuries ago by the founder of homeopathy who was an allopathic doctor and later the founder of homeopathy.

At that time it was understood that with conventional treatment  we simply suppress various diseases and thus it creates more complications but if we look we have a lot of complications in the form of hereditary diseases. The philosophy of homeopathy is to improve a person’s immune system so that they can get rid of various diseases and not suppress any disease, so called suppression, if we suppressed diseases, they think in this way not only the current diseases will be dangerous & more complicated but the diseases will be passed on to future generations i.e gene mutation, gene defect, faulty gene etc. Today Modern medical science is also certifying this.

Modern medical science is examining DNA and looking at different genes (mutations) to see which diseases is causing the recurrence and they have almost succeeded and they are thinking about gene therapy. But this is not a solution for human survival, and this is the same study that the founder of homeopathy has presented almost two centuries ago, in the name of  ” Study of Miasms ” (Complication of bacteria, viruses, etc) , what are the causes, what are the complications of germs or viruses that are interfering with our genomic information and causing new diseases called modern medical research (Bacterial Genomics, Virus, Fungi etc).

If the world is to recover from an epidemics or pandemics, it is important that we return to alternative therapies, which are the basic solution to how we can improve our immune system, which not only helps us to get rid of diseases and even get out of the dangerous situation of the future to some extent and move towards a better solution.

There is a strong record of homeopathic remedies. Out of all the epidemics & pandemics homeopathic remedies have proved to be more useful than conventional remedies. Here are some of them, the cholera epidemic reported on November 30, 1831, that allopathic medicines cured 229 out of 331 patients and 102 deaths, while homeopathic medicines cured 311 out of 349 patients, while only 38 deaths, which was a great achievement in all aspects. The death rate from allopathic medicine was 59.2% while the death rate from homeopathic medicine was only 9% which was a great achievement. Cholera outbreak in 1892 again cured more patients from homeopathic medicine use and the mortality rate was 15.5% while allopathic medicine the mortality rate was 42%.

Similarly, in Yellow Fever, due to homeopathic medicine mortality rate was 16.4% while the mortality rate from allopathic medicine was 83.6. Similarly, in case of flu, in 1918, the death rate from homeopathic medicine was 1% for 24000/26000 patients while the death rate from allopathic medicine was too high. The record shows that homeopathic medicine has been useful in every epidemics & pandemic in every era, the only reason being that it improves the immune system, to eradicate or kill the micro-organism, not suppressed it. which not only keeps the death rate from being negligible, but also causing no complications for the present as well as future.

Even in modern times, we are facing a pandemic like Corona in which a country like China where the pandemic came from and who first controlled it, their experts are saying that we have helped to get rid of this pandemic with the help of Traditional Medicine (Herbs).

In a country like India, which is really developing rapidly in medical technology, the government has started using homeopathic medicines against corona, and even used as a preventive, the time is not far when they will succeed in this. We also have to pay attention to this. Now that allopathic medicines are failing in this situation and there is no vaccine, health professionals will have to resort to alternative medicine, otherwise, the aftermath of this pandemic will be a great challenge for the world.


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