TikToker Arrested for Filming Inside Police Station

Karachi-based TikToker, Raees Jaffar, found himself in a series of unfortunate events after being taken to the Shah Faisal police station over missing vehicle documents. However, his troubles escalated when he decided to film a TikTok video with his feet up on the station’s desk, leading to not one, but two arrests within a single day—a highly improbable occurrence.

The unlucky day for Jaffar began when police officials apprehended him for not possessing ownership documents for his car. He was immediately escorted to the Shah Faisal police station in Karachi, where he was instructed to contact his parents and request them to bring the necessary documents. Jaffar complied with the request but made a grave mistake soon after.

While waiting for his parents to arrive with the documents, Jaffar conceived the idea of filming a TikTok video inside the police station. However, this TikTok was not just any ordinary one—it involved him placing his feet on the station’s desk while striking poses to the tune of the popular song ‘Sarkar te Sadi Apni Hai.’

@thereporterspkTikToker Arrested for Filming Inside Police Station

♬ original sound – The Reporters.Pk

The controversial video quickly caught attention, adding to Jaffar’s already problematic situation with the police. He was subsequently required to record an apology video, where he was questioned about his identity and expressed remorse for his actions, pleading for a second chance.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence, as many TikTokers have faced arrests for filming videos in prohibited areas. Such cases serve as a lesson for TikTokers and content creators across various platforms to be aware of the boundaries of their content.

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