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ATC Clears Yasmin Rashid in Jinnah House Attack Case

Lahore: Yasmin Rashid, a prominent PTI leader, was acquitted in the Jinnah House attack case by a Lahore anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Saturday.

The former Punjab health minister was granted immediate release following the judgment issued by ATC Judge Abher Gul Khan.

According to the court ruling, a thorough examination of the record indicated that Dr. Yasmin Rashid was neither named in the First Information Report (FIR) nor implicated through any supplementary statement.

The court considered her summons in the case as a result of disclosure by a co-accused, which held no evidentiary value in the court’s view.

The ruling further stated that no incriminating evidence was found against Rashid, leading to the order for her release.

Earlier, Khadija Shah, a PTI activist and renowned fashion designer, expressed concern about Yasmin Rashid’s deteriorating health condition in prison. Shah urged the public to pray for the former provincial health minister’s well-being, emphasizing that Rashid had been unwell throughout the previous night.

Addressing the media outside the Lahore anti-terrorism court, Shah described Yasmin Rashid as an elderly and courageous prisoner who was currently suffering from illness.

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