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Salary delay dampened Eid celebrations of COMSATS University’s employees

ISLAMABAD: Academic Staff Association of COMSATS University Islamabad (ASA-CUI) shows its serious concerns and resentment over the delay of salary disbursements to the employees of various campuses of CUI that had dampened their Eid celebrations. Despite the notification of Finance Division No. 4(4)Exp-III/2011 dated May 4, 2020 and as per Note-4 of Rule-217 of the Treasury Rules (Vol-I), the salaries of CUI faculty and officers are not disbursed as of today. Ironically, the administration did not inform these employees of the university about prospective delay in salary disbursement. As a matter of fact, the employees have been continuously performing their duties online, including online classes and research supervisions, as per directions of relevant authorities even in these trying times.

When the students have already paid tuition fee in advance for the Spring 2020 semester, due to closure of university during lockdown in the last couple of months the recurring expenses got reduced considerably, then a serious question arises on the financial mismanagement of interim administration of CUI. The ASA-CUI believes that the long-lasted ad-hoc-ism in CUI has resulted in lots of administrative, financial and academic problems that have severely and adversely affected the affairs of the university. The delay in salary disbursements is purely the incompetency of the interim administration which is merely struggling to prolong its adhoc setup and the unlawful higher administrative positions for more than three years.

ASA-CUI appeals to the Honorable President of Pakistan, being the Chancellor of CUI, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Minister for Science and Technology, Mr. Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, being Pro-Chancellor of CUI to take remedial measures to get the disbursements of salaries to CUI employees at the earliest and to end the long-lasting ad-hoc-ism in CUI as directed by the Honorable Islamabad High Court. ASA-CUI further demands independent enquiry of salary delay and forensic, financial, and administrative audits of CUI since its nonexistence has resulted in serious damages to this university in general and to its faculty specifically.

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