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PTI receives go-ahead for rally at Minar-e-Pakistan with conditions

Lahore: The Lahore district administration has granted conditional permission to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to hold a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on March 26. The permission was granted by Assistant Commissioner Rafia Haider, on the condition that PTI will be responsible for ensuring the security of the entire enclosure, including the stage and women participants.

According to the written undertaking submitted by PTI, the party’s focal person will coordinate with members of the district administration to ensure that things run smoothly, and that traffic is not affected. The party will not be allowed to set up “welcome camps” at any route leading to the rally, to avoid inconveniencing ordinary citizens.

Carrying weapons or batons will be prohibited, and the administration has warned PTI that it will be held responsible if any harm is inflicted on public property around the Greater Iqbal Park. PTI has also been asked to guarantee that the rally’s sound system will comply with the rules already set into law, and that no businesses will be affected. Wall chalking or forcing people to participate in the rally will be punishable by law, the agreement states.

Furthermore, no statements will be allowed that might hurt the sentiments of any community. PTI has also been asked to submit the full fee for occupying the Greater Iqbal Park.

The PTI intends to hold a power show as part of its election campaign in Punjab, and the granting of permission to hold the rally has been seen as a major victory for the party. The district administration’s decision to grant conditional permission has been welcomed by PTI leaders, who have praised the efforts of Assistant Commissioner Rafia Haider in this regard.

This move is expected to give the PTI a boost in the upcoming Punjab elections, and the party hopes that it will be able to draw a large crowd at the rally. The PTI has been working hard to gain support in Punjab, which is a key battleground in the upcoming elections, and hopes that the rally will help it to make significant gains in the province.

Overall, the decision to grant permission to the PTI to hold the rally is a positive step for democracy in Pakistan, as it allows political parties to campaign openly and engage with voters. The conditions set by the district administration are reasonable, and are designed to ensure that the rally is conducted in a peaceful and safe manner, without causing inconvenience to ordinary citizens or harming public property.

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