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Lahore braces for PTI rally as containers block routes to Minar-e-Pakistan

Lahore: As Lahore gears up for a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rally today, the local administration has taken measures to block the routes leading to Minar-e-Pakistan.

Containers have been placed in different areas of Lahore, including GT Road, Cup Store, and Du Maurya Bridge, to prevent PTI supporters from other towns and cities in Punjab from reaching the rally venue.

However, despite the police and administration’s efforts to prevent the rally, PTI leadership has asserted that it will take place as planned.

The PTI has accused the police of detaining its leaders and workers and conducting raids on their houses for five consecutive days.

The police have been conducting a crackdown on PTI leaders and workers, with some going into hiding to avoid arrest. The PTI formed a venue committee for the rally, and senior party leaders have condemned the arrests and abductions of their members by the police.

Despite the police conducting raids on the residences of PTI leaders, including Hammad Khan Niazi, Bajash Khan Niazi, and Malik Mubasher Lal, they remain determined to attend the rally with their families and support Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI.

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