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Plasma still uses an experiment therapy for Covid-19 patients

Islamabad: The government has made it clear once again that convalescent plasma is being used as an experimental therapy and paying a donor for plasma donation is not allowed, credible sources said on Tuesday.

The Health ministry will take stern action against plasma donors and purchasers.

Paying for convalescent plasma donation is neither included in the WHO guideline, nor in the guideline of the government of Pakistan, the sources made it clear.

In this regard, the government has already issued a complete guideline.

Plasma therapy is not a confirmed treatment for the covid-19 patients, adding that it is being used on a trial basis.

The health minister has made it clear that paying money for plasma donation would be considered as a violation of the government and WHO issued guidelines.

The minister has made it clear that the government will take stern action against the donor of plasma on payment and the purchaser.

Oncologist at National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Specialist Dr Tahir Sultan Shamsi said that we have already made it clear that plasma therapy is being done on a trial basis, adding that results of plasma therapy are contradicting.

He said we received as many as 800 calls for plasma donation. He said the government should take stern action against sellers and purchasers of the plasma.

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