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PAL organizes online seminar to paid tribute to Iqbal

Islamabad: It is the time to understand Iqbal’s thoughts and philosophy of inner-self. These views were expressed by Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, while presiding over the Online National Iqbal Seminar organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters. The chief guest was Muneeb Iqbal. Dr. Yousuf khushk, Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters presented an introductory note.

Scholars of Iqbal from all over the county read-out their papers on different topics to highlight the thoughts and philosophy of our national poet.

Scholars from Islamabad including Dr. Ehsan Akbar “Thought of Iqbal”, Dr. Ayub Saber “Iqbal and Islamic Renaissance”, Dr. Shahid Iqbal Kamran “Iqbal’s Following: Modern Perspective”, Hafeez Khan “Iqbal and Identity Crisis”, Dr. Rashid Hameed “Iqbal’s Naatia Ahang”. Scholars from Punjab Dr. Anwar Ahmed “Contemporary Understanding of Iqbal’s Contemplation “, Dr. Saadat Saeed “Iqbal and Concept of Freedom”, Dr. Basira Anbarin “Iqbal’s Wisdom”: Some Glimpses”, Dr. Amjad Tufail “Thoughts of Iqbal and Colonialism of 21st Century. Scholars from Sindh Niaz Panhwar “Understanding of Iqbal’s Philosophy in the Present Era” Iqbal Sawani “Iqbal: A Successful Politician”. Zebun Nisa Zibi “Topics and Theories of Iqbal’s Poetry”. Scholars from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Fakira Khan Faqiri “Iqbal’s Concept of Movement & Action”, Dr. Sattar Khan Lavaghri “Iqbal’s Persian Poetry”, Prof. Aamir Sohail “Iqbal and Hazara”. A Scholar from Balochistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi “Iqbal’s Philosophy”, A scholar from Gilgit-Baltistan Mohammad Hassan Hassrat “Translation of Iqbal’s Poetry in Balti” Abdul Rauf Rafiqi “Iqbal’s Thought” presented their articles. Dr. Saadia Tahir from Azad Kashmir moderated the seminar.

Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik said that unfortunately we have forgotten Iqbal’s thought and taken the wrong path and today we are facing problems. Iqbal presented the concept of Pakistan and a prosper society for whole Muslim ummah but our present society against the concept of Iqbal as we failed to build up the society as per thoughts of Iqbal. Iqbal was against feudalism and capitalism but we are still imprisoned by these powers. Iqbal was strongly against autocracy and mulayat.

He said that we should not pay tribute to Iqbal with speeches but we have to implement his concept, practically and free the people from economic slavery. In 1930, Iqbal introduced the concept of Pakistan with composition, however, there were no signs of becoming Pakistan as a state at that time. We have to pledge that after today we will strictly follow Iqbal’s thoughts and ideas then we can achieve the destinations for development.
He said that Iqbal thoughts that, the biggest reason for the plight of Muslims is detached from the modern sciences. Iqbal emphasized creation rather than imitation.

Muneeb Iqbal said that Iqbal had a deep devotion and love for the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). The passion behind the thoughts and thinking of Iqbal was the Love of Prophet (Peace be upon him) and that same motivation was in his Poetry. Iqbal did everything he could for the Muslims of the world and the subcontinent. He was worried about the Ummah, and he demanded a separate state. Allah made Iqbal’s dream a destiny for millions of Muslims in the shape of Pakistan. May Allah help us to follow Iqbal’s thoughts and teachings.

Dr. Yousuf khushk said that Iqbal is a person who has many dimensions. Iqbal made great use of the knowledge of the East. There, he had a keen eye on Western studies. Iqbal is supporter of high human knowledgeable brotherhood. Iqbal’s thoughts and poems are not only still fresh, but they have also the potential to support the needs of the hour.

Dr. Ayub Saber said that Iqbal is a poet and thinker of Islamic mythology. Iqbal’s poetry wonders that he has a fine blend of thought and art. This is the greatest achievement of his poetry. Iqbal was a philosopher but completely different from the general philosopher. The concept of Pakistan and the alliance of the Islamic world is all important aspects of Islamic mythology. According to Iqbal, this is the darkest period in contemporary western human history.

Dr. Ehsan Akbar said that Iqbal is not only our great poet but also a great Philosopher. Iqbal’s perfection is that he addresses the important modern problems and the confusion faced by the nation.

Niaz Panhwar said that Iqbal wrote on economics, politics, religion, education and all human sciences which is also the interpretation of the present era. He wanted to see Muslims as a nation.

Dr. Faqira Khan Faqiri said that great poet and thinker like Iqbal felt the sorrow of the Muslim Ummah, we cannot forget him.
Dr. Saadat Saeed said that Iqbal conveyed the message of freedom and unity to the Muslims.

Dr. Anwar Ahmed said that the new generation needs to be aligned with Iqbal’s thinking.
Dr. Rashid Hameed said that the devotion and depth in Iqbal Naat poetry are probably not found in any poet. Iqbal’s personality has so many dimensions. Iqbal is an Interpreter for the highest human values. The thoughts of Iqbal are the common path for the nation of the world in general and the Islamic nation in particular. Iqbal is a poet of the past, present, and future.

Hafiz Khan said that until we will not follow Iqbal’s thoughts, his dream will remain unfulfilled.
Dr. Basira Anbarin said that Allama Iqbal usually looks at human life and, as a result, surprisingly numerous wisdom points are presented. His poetry contains many such thought-provoking ideas.

Dr. Shahid Iqbal Kamran said that the Iqbal dreamed an ideal society but unfortunately, this society is currently the victim of deterioration. As per Iqbal’s thoughts we have to promote enlightenment in society and eliminate all kinds of materialism.
Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi said that Iqbal’s message should be spread to the world, the tradition of Iqbal identity has to move forward.

Dr. Sattar Khan Lavaghri said that a unique style of Iqbal is highlighted in Persian poetry; Iqbal carried out modern and ancient experiments in Persian.

Mohammed Hassan Hussert said that through the transliteration of Iqbal in Balti, great efforts have been made to spread Iqbal’s thinking and philosophy.
Iqbal Sehwani said that Allama Iqbal was a thinker and politician who inspired the people of sub continent for freedom.

Amjad Tufail said that to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the thought of Iqbal must be followed.

Prof. Aamir Sohail said that the tradition of Iqbal identity is found in Hazara. Valuable assets existed in Hazara in shape of Iqbal thoughts.
Zebun Nisa Zibi said that Iqbal’s themes and ideas are very unique in our culture in which aspects of human freedom are prominent.

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