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Herbal medicines effective in corona treatment, says Chinese doctor

ISLAMABAD: The world scientists and health experts has so far failed in their continues attempt to produce vaccines and drugs to fight  the COVID-19 pendemic.
The corona, except couple of country, have affected the whole world some with a great disaster. However China is the only country so far who have controlled this disease, and that’s the reasons why every country looking forward to China to learn from their expertise.
Dr Wong is a Chinese doctor started practicing in Pakistan with Chinese Herbal Medicines back in 1992. Currently she is running her hospital at Saidpur road in Rawalpindi. She is an allopathic doctor but prefer to use herbal medicines for medical treatment of her patients and most of them are satisfied with this method.
Dr. Wong claims that herbal medicines can be effective for the covid-19 patient who is at early stage of this disease and they can recover within 3 days after taking medicine three meals a day.
She maintained that the same medicine applied in Wohan China to cure Corona patients who were on early stage which success is 90%.
She added that the cure is possible within first 7 days and the cure is possible if the organs are not affected are damaged.
Dr. Wong further added that mass testing is very important to fight corona virus. The number of the cases in Pakistan are less because only few thousand people are tested yet.
She requested the Prime Minister Imran Khan, CM Punjab and local health administration to let her to be a part of their team to to help them in Rawalpindi to cure the Corona patients with her Herbal Medicine imported from China.

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