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No positive coronavirus cases at Pak-Iran border quarantine centre

None of the people quarantined at Pakistan House at the Taftan Border have tested positive for the coronavirus. They will be sent back home after staying in quarantine for a week.

There were fears that travellers coming from Iran would bring the coronavirus with them so Pakistan closed the border and put all the arrivals in quarantine.

The PDMA says many people have completed a full week in quarantine and have tested negative for the virus. Over 2,000 will be sent to Quetta. So far, the number of people who crossed the border into Pakistan has been recorded at 4,000.

A quarantine centre has been set up in Quetta where 3,000 people can stay. It was set up after Pakistan House ran out of space. People will be taken there in over 30 buses.

The PDMA says that once the people reach Quetta they will be screened again.

Pakistan has reported six confirmed cases of coronavirus and all of them had a travel history to Iran. Pakistan’s neighbor has reported the highest number of coronavirus deaths outside of China and thousands have been infected, including parliamentarians and government officials.

Iran has officially confirmed 145 deaths and over 6,000 cases.

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