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Two killed, two injured during robbery in Islamabad’s I-8

ISLAMABAD: Two people were killed and two injured during a robbery in Islamabad’s Sector I-8 on Saturday. According to the police, one of the two suspects was killed during firing between the police and robbers.

“The suspects snatched money from a person who had just come out of an ATM,” SP Zubair Sheikh said. “The person started calling out for help after which a police mobile nearby was called,” he said.

The robbers then opened fire at the police. During an exchange of fire between both groups, one of the robbers was shot dead. The other suspect has been arrested.

“The entire incident happened really quickly, suddenly shots were being fired and I saw two people die in front of me,” an eye witness said.

According to Sheikh, the robber killed was a driver of the Anti-Terrorism Force. “Ashraf was involved in these crimes after office hours,” he added.

The injured people and the bodies have been shifted to a hospital.

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