Living in Future age-2050 ( Hope of Peace and Prosperity)

The past was very scary that is what our insisters tells us. Climate change, a growing population, global warming, decease and fewer natural resources were the source of increasing uncertainty and wellbeing to mankind. Fighting for natural resources resulted in distractions of millions of people. Thanks to Almighty we are safe of these in 2050.

When the nations came across the deceases and pandemics in first quarter of 21st century, they decided to make the world safer, happier and tolerant place to live. A planet where every human life matter, with no issue of gender inequality, religion and nationality.

The Developed countries with resources decided to help every poor to step forward in fighting against decease, hunger and for human development. The insister in 2020 were working on social and economic development but faced a world vide resection because of decease called Covid-19. The biggest Vitim were the world powers United states and China.

After over coming the decease they decided to slowly decrease the manufacturing and selling of weapon across the world. The time made them realize that the existence of human being can only be guaranteed if the resources are being use in right direction. All available resources in the field of technology and scientist research in developing countries. Due to which now the world has become a peace full place to live. The main reason the less war affairs were increasing education, very expensive weapons and most important a comprehensive formula of distribution of natural resources between countries worldwide.

The biggest issue you the people of 2020 are facing is the child morality and deceases. You need not to worry, By the time you will reach us the rate of child morality will be dropped to 31 per 100 persons. Mother to child transmission of HIV will be controlled and immunization against deceases with be achieved. Polio, Malaria and life-threatening deficiencies will be overcome. And vaccine to increase immune against cancer will be there for you. The only thing you need is commitment, dedication towards the goal to make world a happier and kinder place to live.

O Poor man, you are the most intelligent creation of God. Please Utilize your ability in true spirit to bring prosperity not even on this planet but in universe. Excess usage of technology will lead you to less human interaction and dependency on each other. That’s what we are facing in 2050. Your lifestyle will become more complexed and computerized. We being in 2050 have lost love and affection, hugs and greetings of our loved ones that you cheer in 2020.

It was the devotion towards finding the facts about futures  that in 2045 the scientist were able to transfer human consciousness and brain functions to an artificial body by “mapping the brain, reducing its activity to computations, and reproducing those computations in code,” This was an achievement but at the same time lost the true meaning of interdependency and bonding.

We in 2050 are afraid that our minds are being monitored by an unknown organization as they have the power to use our brain and can even take it to future age. You Lovely people enriched with emotions but economically poor, please prepare yourself for such circumstances with tolerance and sense of acceptance. Take this human evolution in correct manner in which long rooted cultural norms goes parallel with technology enhancement. We in 2050 have forgot emotions, the way to cry or laugh. When we see you back in 2020 crying and caring, praying and cheering with loved ones, it makes us the most vulnerable being on earth.

You people are fighting for the rights of equal opportunities, gender equality in 2020. But we in 2050 think it an issue of past. Now the women and men have equal part to play in terms of economic development and share of responsibility towards childcare and housework.

The basic issue of you being poor is lacking motivation, dedication and thirst of achievement and fight against poverty. You will be shocked to know that in our age in 2050 there is no poor country. There were people like Bill Gates who invested in human development. They fought against hunger by funding in the counties which were with less resources. Their commitment resulted in success and now despite living a robotic life we are prosperous, living life free of hunger and poverty. The global poverty ratio has  fallen to 2.5%  now in 205o which was 21% in 2005  and has brought billions of people out of poverty.

When we saw you people fighting for energy resources, it makes us think about the efforts made by our insisters. Now we have 100% renewable energy resources and by which we have controlled the green gas emissions up to 80% as compared to in your time in 2020.

Transportation is a big issue for you. The fuel cost and human dependency are the reasons of expensive means of movement. Artificial intelligence and electric vehicles have covered the said problem. We now develop 100 million electric vehicles per annum world wide which was only 7 million in your age ( 2020). In US only we have 157 million electric cars and trucks.

Education and access to information in 2050 is far better then back in 2020. The illiteracy rates have fall to just 12% and cost only about 3.8% of GDP which we saw at 23.6% of the global population and costing about 7% of worldwide GDP. Even we saw Pakistan with much less publication education, has 3-fold growth from your time in 2020.

From 2009 till 2050 , the number of countries involved in internal armed conflicts has decreased by more than 50%…. i-e 7% from 15%. Wars are rare but not absent, still in  2050 we are witnessing India, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania at the greatest risk of armed conflict. It is just because of you people who didn’t voice timely. These nations now cover 35% of world but humanity is still at threat.

As we have been able to control the population rate and have worked a lot for human development and wellbeing, the access to information has work wonders. There are almost 8 Billion people connected online which is 97.5% of the global population. which was only 40% in your time 2020.This online expansion has exposed the world to one of the most innovations of modern history, opening possibilities for global communication and commerce Specially in Uganda and Kickstarter in Pakistan.

Communication with different people in different languages is not a problem anymore, we know that that in your time (2020) when you used to visit a foreign country and speak fluently with the locals just by wearing a pair of special goggles or using a phone app. As the person speaks in a different language, their words pops up on your screen like subtitles in a movie. But now we are even more advance, a chip is being implanted on the back of ear can automatically transmit interpreted voice to our ears, hence we hear it in the desired language.

We humans have been able to control baby making in 2050. We know that New born Elizabeth Jordan Carr, the first “test tube” baby born in the United States in Norfolk in 1981. Now in 2050 the Couples have a better idea of when they should try to conceive. women have more “personalized” biological clocks so they’ll know exactly when they’ll stop being able to make babies.

You being in 2020 cannot think as how advance and sophisticated the reproduction process has become in our time. A technique is being used to  freeze a woman’s healthy ovarian tissue and re-implant it when she desires to have children even late into life, without worrying about the genetic abnormalities of late-in-life motherhood. At the same time Gay couples have the ability to reproduce but with assistance and help of technology called IVG. Now in 2050 scientists have been successfully working on genetic engineering to help make sick children healthy by removing or replacing diseased genes. If we say that we have able to create super human, it is not false.

But our message is that the ages does not matter. progress is a continuous process. Always set a goal and fallow the path with commitment. Usage of resources should always be for human wellbeing. We human has an obligation to give a safe, healthy and prospers world to generations to come.

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