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KPK Information Dept. Seeks FIA Probe on Misuse of Influencers’ Accounts

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Department has filed an application with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), requesting an investigation into the alleged misuse of social media accounts of over 1,300 influencers recruited during the PTI regime. The department claimed that these influencers are using their personal accounts against the state and state institutions.

Recruited Influencers Used Personal Accounts Against State and Institutions

The department mentioned in its application that most of the social media influencers recruited from the state treasury under the Annual Development Program Scheme campaigned against the state and state institutions through their personal accounts. The department has called for an investigation into these influencers, who were initially hired to publicize the government’s initiatives.

PKR 242.665 Million Spent on Recruitment of Social Media Influencers

According to documents, the PTI government spent a total of PKR 242.665 million on salaries and other expenses of social media influencers. This included PKR 22,16,98,938 for human resources, PKR 2,626,501 for equipment purchase, PKR 1,158,000 for vehicle purchase, PKR 4.661 million for operational expenses, PKR 527,000 for renovation, PKR 1.668 million for training, and PKR 1.326 million in taxes. The department has requested an inquiry into the alleged misuse of public funds.


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