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Jazz Ensures Uninterrupted Connectivity for Kasur Flood Victims

Kasur: The rapid response of the Jazz team in flood-stricken areas of Kasur has played a vital role in keeping the local residents connected during the challenging times of high floods.

During the recent floods, Jazz’s Dhoop Sari tower emerged as the sole mobile tower in the area, providing crucial connectivity to Dhoop Sari and its neighboring areas, including Chanda Sang, Pakhu Wand, Mahi Wala, and more.

Despite facing power outages for two days, the tower continued to operate on a generator. However, with fuel reserves running low, there was a risk of the generator ceasing to function, which would result in the loss of the only mobile network coverage in the area.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Jazz team, in collaboration with rescue workers, swiftly arranged and delivered additional fuel to the tower, ensuring uninterrupted services for the affected population.

It is important to highlight that any disruption in connectivity would have left the local residents stranded in high floods, making it impossible for them to communicate with rescue teams for their safety.

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