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‘Govt taking all necessary steps to prevent spread of coronavirus’: Nausheen Hamid

ISLAMABAD, Mar 16: Parliamentary Secretary, National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Nausheen Hamid Monday assured that government is taking all necessary measures to contain this virus from spreading.

Talking to private news channel, she said the government is proactive and vigilant regarding coronavirus but the people also need to be more vigilant, adding, people coming from abroad should keep themselves in isolation for 14 days.

In a bid to protect the country’s residents from the Covid-19 coronavirus, the ministry of Health and Prevention has asked all citizens and residents to avoid unnecessary traveling and if travel is necessary, preventive measures will be taken once the traveler returns to the country, she mentioned.

She said all relevant health authorities are working together and have in place screenings at the airport as well as after-travel precautions that people with recent history of travel to places of concern must follow.

All these measures are aimed to control and slow the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), she added.”

The thermo-scanners have been installed at all major entry and exit points to screen the passengers, Nausheen Hamid said.

“We are also keeping the record of the travelers, she said, adding, most of the cases reported in Pakistan have a travel history from Iran, Iraq and Syria”.
The government has traced all the 14000 travelers from these countries, she highlighted.

Health secretary said government has provided diagnostic kits to all major labs in Sialkot, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Lahore. These labs are properly functional and working on provided SOPs.

In case of any sign of virus, they can immediately contact us via helpline, she added.

Moreover, everyone should wear mask and avoid sneezing and coughing if someone is nearby. Washing hands and keeping the surroundings clean is also helpful, she advised

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