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FIA Implements Measures to Combat Mpox at Islamabad Airport

Islamabad: In response to the recent outbreak of Mpox, previously known as monkeypox, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Immigration has introduced enhanced measures at Islamabad Airport. This viral zoonotic disease has sparked concerns in many parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia, from where the deportees arrive.

Dedicated Counter for Deportees from Saudi Arabia

A separate counter, namely Counter number 5, has been set up at Islamabad Airport for the immigration of deportees from Saudi Arabia. This measure is aimed at containing the spread of the virus, which can be transmitted through close contact.

Protective Gear for Immigration Staff

Immigration staff has been provided with essential protective gear, including masks, gloves, sanitizers, and protective uniforms, to prevent the virus’s spread.

Special Immigration Stamp for Deportees

To facilitate the immigration process for deportees, a dedicated immigration stamp has been designated for their use.

Staff Trained in Preventive Measures

FIA immigration staff has undergone special training to prevent the spread of Mpox. They have been given strict instructions to implement all precautionary measures to contain the virus.

Concerns over the Spread of Mpox

The outbreak of Mpox has raised concerns globally, and measures are being taken worldwide to combat its spread. In Pakistan, the FIA’s efforts to combat the virus at the airport are aimed at preventing an outbreak and ensuring public safety.

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