Diseases & their solutions?

I have been writing informative articles regular on health awareness for the last few years and at the same time I have been conducting free medical & awareness camps in the community in which I try to give information about various diseases  and convey a true message  about  the treatment to  people because we do not have the information about medicine, on the other hand, the government or the health concerned departments of medicine are completely helpless in conveying the reality-based information or awareness about health to  people, we must talk about it, we can  publish awareness about public health, because it is the need of this era  and  must take urgent steps. Today, the medical world is worried about antibiotic resistance & they are looking for easy possible and  alternative ways while our people still do not know what  antibiotics are, how and where to use them, Are they effective and  harmful to them. The most important fact is that, not every disease in the world can be cured  with antibiotics, but in Pakistan the situation is opposite , this issue is not being taken seriously.

The government health department has not been able to work in this regard and the government has not yet been able to overcome and bring  a  solid plan for health. Even the people associated with the medical sector are not fulfilling their responsibility to treat the patients as well as aware the patient about their health issues, then how can we prevent,  self-medication side effects  etc. On other hand in the same time, awareness should be about public health, as well as government departments should work on this issue under an integrated plan, in which health policy can be formulated according to the current era. Now is the time to include alternative medicine in the public health plan. This system needs to be furnished because we will need of alternative therapies in the future very soon. We should work on public health in the community by forming different teams from district hospitals, to educate people about health and medicine, but unfortunately, we do not value public health professionals here.

 In other words, there are master’s degree courses in public health, but they have still no plan for where these specialists will be able to offer their services. And as a result, people use many antibiotics as self-medication to treat the common cold, flu, & fever, or even chronic issues. Medicines are not used on the advice of un authorized physician, the trend of self-medication in Pakistan is a bit high. As a result, various types of antibiotics have developed resistance or sensitivity today, which means that since these drugs are used repeatedly without any reason and unnecessarily, which strengthens the original disease roots. And the factors that cause the disease in the human body, ie germs, etc., they become so powerful even drugs do not affect it then.

Despite this, many of our physicians still treat patients without taking any information. Antibiotics are used and finally when the patient is not recovering from any of the tactics, the antibiotic sensitivity test is used to find out whether these drugs are effective or if they have stopped working ie antibiotic resistance. The outcome is worse, on the other hand, if we look at the medical practices in Pakistan, there are so many quak practicing  everywhere in the community, they do not let the patient go without injections and even in acute disease, antibiotics abound, which makes the disease suppressed and the result is dangerous diseases arise in the body.

There is no grip on this issue by the government even assistants sitting at the medical stores who have nothing to do with medicine are also called doctor sab. If a patient goes to them, they do not leave them without injection, which gives temporary relief but weakens the body’s immune system & arise other disorders. Unnecessary use of injections is a very dangerous practice that does not occur in other countries. According to the Ministry of Health Services Regulations and Coordination Pakistan, 94% of our vaccines are being used unnecessarily, while unsafe injection cause HBS, HIV & AIDS is spreading here more rapidly than any other deadly disease in the world.

In our country, some people become addicted to drugs due to lack of knowledge and they always take so many drugs. If someone needs help at home or in the neighborhood, they give it to them immediately, which leads to complications. And thus we reach the level of death on the arduous journey from sickness to different diseases, but we do not know what our real problem is; and why? In fact, the disease is not so dangerous unless you suppress it with the wrong treatment.

When the wrong treatment suppresses the disease inside the body, it temporarily reduces your pain or other ailments. but latar as a result of suppression , some diseases become a lifelong disease. Even some children or adults become disabled. There is a lack of information or survey about self-medication in Pakistan and very little in this regard. According to a survey conducted in Karachi, 84.8% of people use self-medication, with headache, fever, cough and painkillers being the most common, while painkillers are the most common & they have dangerous effects on the kidneys. In addition, this rate is increasing rapidly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

There is a trend of self-medication all over the world but, the trend of self-medication is increasing very fast in Pakistan while now different antibiotics are also getting out of the hands of physicians as antibiotics become resistant. Therefore, now it  is time for the government as well as the medical department and other responsible citizens to provide information about this issue to them. The use of self- medication is very dangerous. Instead, you should consult a qualified doctor in time and get information about your disease from the doctor first and then continue your treatment with the advice of the doctor. Even if the doctor charges a fee.

Unable to give you health information boycott to buy heavy medicine from their shops because when the patient pays the doctor fee he only pays for advice and not to fill the medicine bag, so the doctor who can’t explain to you about caring precautions  don’t waste your money and health and in  that’s the way this trend will change soon . But here the patient has no knowledge of anything and is at the mercy of these non professional physicians.

Considering the resistance of antibiotics and its disadvantages, alternative therapies are being introduced all over the world, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine etc., and from common diseases to cancer is being treated, even also in our country Pakistan, many homeopathic doctors and specialists are treating a variety of diseases, including cancer, which is the major issue of the era. We have a misconception that homeopathic medicine cannot cure major diseases, which is completely wrong, but the fact is that modern medical science i.e allopathic medicines has been diagnosing and treating diseases for over a century. Despite a lot of medical research and all the facilities and development, no definitive cure for 99% of the diseases have been discovered yet, but the disease is temporarily symptomatic or the disease is suppressed instead of few of the bacterial diseases, All other diseases have to be treated for whole life, medical science has an importance of its own which cannot be denied but we must move away from the assumptions regarding health, and like the rest of the world, Pakistan should adopt alternative therapies while awareness campaigns should create public awareness. Research centers should be set up where all records can be kept. Where we have  lack information on antibiotics and other health issues, there is also absolutely no understanding or concept of alternative therapies, there is no idea for alternative therapies in hospital by the government, even don’t have a plan for where we will stand in the future.

We have no progress in this regard, while a country like India, which has been promoting alternative therapies for years, is now in the line with the 2030 Health Policy. The government has made it clear that realizing the importance of alternative therapies, it is time to increase affordable and accessible healthcare under the allopathic medicine system. The government has proposed to set up an Ayurveda hospital in each district in collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Greek, Siddha and Homeopathy – Ayush).

Even the health department and agriculture sectors have been targeted to encourage farmers to plant plants that have medicinal benefits that will not only benefit India in the global market but also provide affordable medicines domestically. At the same time, people will have good health. The government of Pakistan should also think about this. With such initiatives we can not only face various health challenges but also become an important member of the supply of alternative medicines in the global market which will not only bring prosperity to the country, but also fulfilled the dream of a healthy Pakistan.

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