Climate Change

Senate passes an amendment bill to protect environment

ISLAMABAD: The Environmental Protection Amendment Bill 2020 was passed in the Senate on Monday.

The bill to amend the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997 was introduced by Senator Faisal Javed and Senate members passed the amendment.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Faisal Javed said that a clean and tidy environment is the guarantee of a healthy and beautiful Pakistan.

He said that the spread of garbage in various places not only affects the land but also adversely affects human and animal health and lives.

This leads to new diseases and epidemics, affects trees and vegetation, and degrades Pakistan’s natural beauty, causing irreparable damage to the tourism sector.

He said that the local, provincial and federal governments have to spend billions of rupees in disposing of the garbage dumps in the city.

The citizen should personally play his role in this regard so that a clean, beautiful, and healthy society can be formed.

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