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Condolence reference held in the memory of journalist Adeel Sarwar

Islamabad: Though death is an absolute reality, but role of journalist Adeel Sarwar, an energetic and dedicated journalist will always be remembered not only in the horizon of journalism and among journalists but in other walks of life, said speakers in a condolence reference held in memoir Sarwar sudden demise at Rawalpindi Press Club on Tuesday.

His life revolved around the affection and affiliation with Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and His Ahlul Bayt (AS).

Along with his personal and professional commitments, Sarwar has always been found practicing his religious beliefs and was a bridge in between various sects for interfaith harmony.

He will be remembered among journalists, politicians, religious personnel and social fraternity.
The reference was arranged in Rawalpindi Press Club by National Press Club Islamabad.
The speakers maintained that journalist Sarwar was a very dynamic, well-mannered, intelligent and empathetic person who was devoted to worldly affairs as well as to the affection of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and Ahlul Bayt (AS).

He always keeps an eye on local, regional and international politics and he will always be remembered for his services to the community. Mukhtar Organization presented a memorial shield in the honor of Sarwar to his uncle.
Ali Furqan, a Voice of America Journalist read a special essay in the memory of Sarwar who was a childhood friend. Ali, in his essay, informed the participants about the early days of  Sarwar and his professional abilities.

Pir of Mohra Sharif, Mujtaba Farooq Gull offered the dua at the conclusion of the reference. Afterwards, prayers for forgiveness of Sarwar and his father were offered. Sarwar on October 17, 2020 was badly injured in a traffic accident on Mandra-Chakwal road while traveling to his hometown along with his family.

sDue to the fatal accident, his father died on the spot while Sarwar remained on death bed for over 3 months and passed away on January 21, 2021.

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