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Concerns Over Human Rights in Swat Raised by HRCP

Jilani condemns extra-judicial killings and urges the closure of illegal penitentiaries and prisons.

SWAT: The Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Hina Jilani, along with her colleagues, held a press conference in Swat Press Club to gather information on human rights in the district.

According to Jilani, the present political situation in Pakistan has weakened the country’s institutions, and civil institutions must take responsibility to improve the situation.

She expressed concern over the impression given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, urging civil institutions to play their role in upholding the constitution to avoid reaching such a critical level.

Jilani highlighted the dire state of Pakistan’s economy, which has put the common people in a difficult situation. She criticized politicians for breaking assemblies for their personal desires, calling attention to the 35 billion rupees required for elections in Punjab, which could affect the welfare of the people.

Moreover, Jilani expressed concern over the absence of assemblies in two provinces and the incomplete National Assembly, warning institutions to maintain peace and order in Swat to prevent unrest as in the past.

The Chairperson thanked the people of Swat for rejecting terrorism and lawlessness and for coming out on the streets before the arrival of security agencies. In response to journalists’ questions, Jilani urged the recovery of missing persons, the departure of security agencies from government schools and colleges, and the immediate closure of illegal penitentiaries and prisons.

She expressed deep concern over the death of some missing persons in private prisons and the lack of information provided to their families, with only dead bodies being handed over.

Jilani strictly condemned extra-judicial killings and reiterated the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s commitment to playing its role in safeguarding human rights in the country.

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