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Swat River Protection: Administration Seizes Illegal Mining

Late-night operation targets anti-environmental activities in Tehsil Babuzai, Kabal, and Brikot

By Arif Ahmad

SWAT: The district administration of Swat on Saturday carried out a midnight operation to combat illegal gravel mining and other anti-environmental activities on the banks of the Swat river. The operation took place in the areas of Tehsil Babuzai, Kabal, and Brikot.

During the operation, several arrests were made and a number of vehicles were seized. In particular, seven tractors and one excavator were confiscated for their involvement in illegal digging in the area of ​​Tehsil Kabal.

In addition to the operation, a search was conducted under the supervision of SHO Ghaligai in the Ghaligai area of ​​Tehsil Brikot, although no illegal activity was found. The areas of Tehsil Babuzai were also thoroughly inspected throughout the night, but no illegal activity was seen.

Meanwhile, in the Fiza Gut area, the National Highway Authority (NHA) team is engaged in the legal construction of Fiza Gut Road in accordance with regulations.

It is worth noting that the Hon’ble High Court had previously taken notice of illegal activities that threatened the Swat river’s natural beauty and flow. In response, stringent measures, including Section 144, have been enforced across the district to protect the river.

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