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After strong criticism, KP police retrieve its notification calling Jawans as Sharu

Islamabad: The KP police have retrieved its notification entitling police Jawans as Sheru after receiving strong criticism from the opposition parties since it went viral on social media last week.

The sources said that the government can face a strong criticism from the opposition parties in the upcoming National Assembly session if the government didn’t retrieve its notification on Monday.

It is pertinent to mention here that since the notification went viral on social media, the PTI government is being targeted for its decision likewise it has been on the PM Khan’s pet dog “Sheru” in the past.

Prior to this notification, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Dog “Sheru” had faced strong criticism in the National Assembly.
A PML-N leader requested not to be named said apparently there is nothing bad with this name [Sheru]; but PM Khan’s pet dog is also entitled as “Sheru’ which makes the decision controversial.

The PML-N leader said they want the government to take its notification back and if the government didn’t take it back, they will take up the matter in the upcoming National Assembly session, which is going to start from June 5.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Sanaullah Abbasi when questioned said the KP police will soon issued a new notification in which it will be directed to all police officers to call their Jawans with their real names.

IGP Dr Sanaullah Abbasi said the police department has also dedicated this year to its Jawans for acknowledging their services and sacrifices for their country.
The IGP made it clear that there is no discrimination between an officer and subordinate as for as their basic rights are concerned.

Earlier, to acknowledge sacrifices of its junior police officers/ Jawans in the war against terror, the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police had entitled its junior police officers and Jawans as Sheru/Sahib [Lion/Mr].

However, later, it was reported that the alphabet “O” is a typing mistake.
According to a notification issued by DIG Headquarters KP on May 21 last month it has been observed that senior police officers often use disgracing words for their juniors which is not only humiliating act but discouraging practice towards juniors officers or Jawans.

No police officer in KP will be allowed to call his/her juniors with such names. These are the police Jawans who always fought on the front against terrorists and other non-state actors.
The decision has been taken to create a sense of realization among the police department and community that these are the officers and Jawans who always confront against dangers to the nation and country and they deserve respect and encouragement.

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