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Unelected people appointed on important positions: FPCCI vice president

Islamabad: FPCCI Vice President Muhammad Nawaz said incompetent leadership is running the Apex chamber and tarnishing its image by promoting cronyism, misuse of authority and hooliganism.

Nawaz asked the commerce ministry to take note of misuse of authority and funds by the ‘FPCCI president and Businessmen Panel chairman’.
He said this while talking to the media after lodging a complaint in the G-9 police station against the highhandedness of Mirza Abdul Rehman, a non-elected person appointed illegally as coordinator in the FPCCI capital office.

Nawaz said the qabza group ruling FPCCI would not allow elected Vice President Nasir Qureshi to enter the premises of the Capital Office and now they have stopped him from entering the same office at gunpoint resulting in a scuffle.
Anjum Nisar and Naser Hayat Maggo are promoting cronyism and vandalism and they have stopped two elected vice presidents from entering in the Office which is being controlled by unelected people which is against the rules of business, he added.

He said that he was elected as Vice President FPCCI but the ruling group directed the Secretary-General of FPCCI who identified him illegally which he challenged and DGTO restored him declaring his election transparent.
Now the Businessmen Panel is left with no option but to bar his entry in FPCCI offices illegally, said Nawaz who has also served as President Chamber of Small Traders Mardan.

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