Climate Change

UN urged to bring Int’l law to protect earth from hazards of climate change

Islamabad: PPP Senator Rehman Malik has urged the United Nations to bring international laws to protect the earth from further degradation.

He was addressing a webinar on “Restore Our Earth” organized by Youth Council Pakistan in connection with “Earth Day”.

Rehman Malik said that “Allah Almighty” has made mankind superior in all creation and the significance of the earth lies in the fact that Allah placed His superior creatures on the earth, and for him, every kind of food and water come from the earth.

He said that mankind is responsible to ensure the safety of the environment but it failed to do so.

The former interior minister said this Day is a reminder of our responsibility to undertake concerted efforts to protect the earth from further deterioration as caused by the merciless manipulation of the ecosystem and miss balancing forces of nature.

He said that the effects of global warming are already bringing harm to human beings, plants, and animals, adding further temperature rise will have devastating impacts.

Rehman Malik said that in the long-run of industrialization, we have forgotten to protect our mother nature.

If there can be international laws against criminal activities then why can’t there be stringent laws for protecting the environment, A Rehman questioned; adding that the United Nations should bring necessary legislation to protect the earth.

Malik also urged joint efforts to meet the challenges arising out of climatic variations and protect the environment from further degradation.

The Pakistani government should devise policies and plans, among others, for disaster management, environmental protection, protection of forests and wildlife, to tackle the rising challenge of environmental degradation, the PPP senior leader emphasized.

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