Climate Change

Climate change is a growing danger to all nations on this planet: UNFCCC

Islamabad: UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa has warned that the global climate change emergency is a clear growing danger to all people on this planet.

Patricia Espinosa was addressing the Leaders Summit on Climate Change on Thursday. The summit was hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Espinosa further said the climate change danger recognizes no borders, adding that nations may be impacted differently but none are immune.

This is a time for leadership, courage and solidarity by global leaders; a time they must make the tough decisions necessary to finally fulfill the promises of the Paris Agreement and move the world away from disaster and towards an unprecedented era of growth, prosperity and hope for all, Patricia Espinosa stressed.

This Summit, hosted by U.S. President Biden, which brought together more than 40 nations representing 80 per cent of global emissions, is an encouraging and positive step in the right direction.

We congratulate the commitments shown by several nations at the summit and I urge all nations to carry forth this leadership and momentum to the crucial COP26 negotiations scheduled for this November in Glasgow, the UNFCCC representative advised.

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