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Teachers in Punjab protest against new pay, leave encashment rules

Teachers in Punjab have taken to the streets to voice their opposition against the recent decision made by the Punjab government. The government’s move to raise salaries by 30 percent on initial basic pays and implement a 5 percent increase in pensions has sparked outrage among the teachers, who argue that it infringes upon their fundamental rights.

Government teachers, both current and retired, have taken to the streets in Lahore, gathering from all corners of Punjab, to protest against the interim Punjab government’s alleged attempt to abolish the leave encashment rule. The teachers argue that this proposed action is not only unlawful but also infringes upon their basic rights in Punjab. The protest has seen a significant number of government teachers participating today.

Shumayla Hassan, an 18th scale assistant professor in a Government College in Lahore, expressed her concerns to the Daily Parliament Times. She highlighted that while the federal government announced a raise of 35 percent and and  17 percent increase in pensions, the Punjab government has taken a step back by announcing a mere 30 percent increase in initial salaries. She pointed out the lack of justification in applying the 30 percent raise to the initial pay of teachers who joined the government department as far back as 2010.

Hassan further explained the importance of the leave encashment rule, stating that it provides financial benefits to individuals nearing retirement. If the Punjab government were to abolish this rule, it would not only discourage teachers but also cause distress among them. The teachers firmly believe that such actions by the government disregard their well-being and compromise their rights.

Saddia Mazhar

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