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Substandard hand sanitizer points fails to prevent spread of coronavirus

MARDAN: The government institution is playing with lives of citizen in the backdrop of the corona’s protective measures in Mardan.

As per details, the district administration has set up hand wash points in all major markets of the Mardan city as part of the precautionary measures to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus, but the water used in most of the tanks is unhygienic and smell like sewerage water, The Reporters learnt.

Citizen washed their hands thinking it would protect them from and control the prevalence of Covid-19. However, its causing more issues to their health.

Junaid Mandoori – General Secretary Mardanwal Khalaq, a non-government organization- said, after receiving complaints from multiple persons, they have checked few tanks located in the markets of Mardan city and found that the water was dirty and smelling like sewerage water.

He said, using dirty water for hand wash will spread corona virus instead of controlling it.

The citizens protested over the poor management and using substandard martials and waters in the hand wash points asking high ups to take notice of the matter.

When contacted, Khalil Ur Rahman – Chief Officer Water Supply and Sanitation Authority Mardan (WSSM) – said, more than 20 hand wash points are established in different markets of the city. Out of 20, more than 16 of them are installed and maintained by Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) while remaining 4  are installed by the traders are maintained and refilled by the WSSM.

He added, they are responsible for only 4 tanks that are filled by them and they are sure that they are clean and water is hygienic.

Despite multiple attempt the Tehsil Municipal Officer Nisar Ali could not be reached for the comments.

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