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Punjab govt announces to celebrate Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen week

Lahore: The Punjab government has announced to celebrate Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen (Peace Be Upon Him) week every year.

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar made this announcement while addressing a press conference at his office in Lahore on Tuesday. Starting from Naatia Mushaira at Alhamra Lahore, different celebrations, including mehfil-e-sama and international Ulema & mashaikh conference, will be held duirng the entire week to illustrate the glorious character of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the chief minister added.

Buzdar said every Muslim has a tremendous emotional attachment with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Muslims prioritizes it over everything.

The CM further said the West must understand that Muslims can sacrifice their lives but any disrespect to the great personality of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is intolerable in any manner.

It is regrettable that abhorrent attempts have been made in Denmark, Norway and other countries to play with the sentiments of the Muslims, Usman Buzdar added.

It is to mention here that students were forcibly shown blasphemous caricatures in the garb of freedom of expression in France.

The chief minister said this is, indeed, an evil attempt to hurt the feelings of the Muslims around the world.

He demanded the United Nations to immediately put a worldwide ban to all such blasphemous attempts about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well as other Prophets.

“I am deeply saddened over this despicable attempt,” he said.

If anyone is upset over questioning the genuineness of holocaust, then why the emotions of 1.75 billion Muslims are hurt, again and again, he questioned.

Buzdar stressed the OIC and other bodies to proactively respond to it so that no one could dare to repeat it.

The CM also announced Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Scholarship with an initial grant of Rs50 million, adding that half the amount will be utilized for giving stipends to position- holders while rest of the money will be utilized to given Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Scholarships to the needy matriculated students for further studies.

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