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Pride of Pakistan: Let’s meet three youth who make us so proud globally

Karachi: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has announced the pass rates of its latest exam sitting for March 2021 and three Pakistani students are on the list of its global prize winners who have made the country proud by scoring highest marks among all exam sitters from around the world.

Inspired by the recent successes of Pakistani students like Zara Naeem Dar and Muhammad Abdullah, it’s heartening to see country’s youth vying for the top spots in the field of education and highlighting Pakistan globally as a hub for world-class talent in accountancy and finance.

Kahaf Moid, a young girl from Karachi, has scored highest marks in Audit and Assurance paper and once again proved that young women are the bright future of our country. Kahaf’s father is a telecom engineer currently working in Dubai and her mother is in Pakistan providing her all the support, allowing her to test her wings in professional accountancy.

“My mother was unable to continue her education after matric, so she is doing everything that she can to see her daughter realize her full potential and become a source of pride for the family,” says Kahaf Moid, ACCA global prizewinner

Kahaf was a science student and has completed her A-Level with subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Due to her extraordinary exam performance, she was awarded a full scholarship by her college in Karachi in A-level. 

Fakiha Maqsood, another bright young girl from Faisalabad, is the global topper and has scored the highest marks in Advanced Taxation paper. She has also achieved the highest marks by any student in Pakistan in the Strategic Business Reporting exam.

After completing her O/A levels from Pakistan, Fakiha went to the UK to attend City, University of London for a BSc Hons in accounting and finance where she scored the second position in the entire batch.

Faikha had topped Punjab in her A-level exams and was previously national position holder in ACCA’s Financial Management exam.

“My father is also a professional accountant and it’s his integrity, discipline and composure that made me choose accountancy as a career for myself. Having studied in the UK, I knew the global recognition of ACCA and the limitless opportunities this qualification offers. And that’s why I enrolled myself in ACCA soon after returning to Pakistan,” Fakiha Maqsood, ACCA Global Prizewinner

After qualifying ACCA, Faikha wants to play a part in the modernisation of the textile sector in Faisalabad. Using her global expertise and future-focused insights acquired in ACCA, she wants to help the sector prepare for the future and revive its global standing as world’s biggest exporting city by embracing digitization and innovation.

Ali Shan form Karachi has scored the highest marks in Financial Reporting exam and has been declared the global prizewinner outshining students from around the world.

Ali is the eldest son in the family of 5 and wants to do something big for himself, as well as for the people around him. Ali’s father is in the field of marketing and his mother teaches at a school. He started ACCA after completing Intermediate in Commerce with an A-1 grade.

‘I’ve always been fascinated by numbers and enjoy being analytical. So accounting was a natural choice for me. I want to change how businesses operate in the country and would like to play my role in promoting innovation and ethics at the workplace.

As a country we’ve been left behind because we’ve unfortunately normalized unethical practices and discouraged new ways of doing things. Using my knowledge gained in ACCA, I will be a catalyst for change in the corporate sector.’ – Ali Shan, ACCA Global Prizewinner

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