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Petrol Pump Digital Fraud Uncovered in Lahore

Lahore: The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime wing has uncovered a fraudulent scheme at several petrol pumps in Lahore.

These stations were caught stealing from consumers through the use of remote-controlled electronic devices that short-measured fuel. During raids, it was found that these pumps would switch the devices off during inspections.

FIA arrested workers and registered cases against the culprits. This is a major concern for consumers amidst recent fuel price hikes and the falling value of the Pakistani rupee.

According to FIA, these pumps were providing less fuel, such as 800ml, 850ml, or 900ml, instead of the standard 1000ml.

FIA has registered cases against those involved in the scam, including the pump owners, managers, and staff, as well as the individuals installing the altered devices.

The recent increase in fuel prices has made the issue particularly concerning for consumers. The government has increased petrol and diesel prices by Rs 35 per liter, and kerosene oil and light diesel oil prices by Rs 18, due to the removal of an unofficial cap on the US dollar, leading to a historic low of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar.

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