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Pakistani molecular virologist contribution ranked No.1 in “Google Scholar”

Islamabad: In the treatment of viral infections, Pakistani molecular virologist, Professor Dr Muhammad Mukhtar’s scientific contribution “Antiviral Potentials of Medicinal Plants”, has been ranked number one by the Google Scholar.

A search for “Antiviral Plants” in this world’s top-ranked scholarly database retrieves around 234,000 scientific contributions from researchers/professors worldwide, working on the use of traditional medicine, including plants or their products, in the treatment of viral infection.
On top of the list is an article jointly authored by Pakistani and American scientists, in which Dr Mukhtar, currently serving as Vice Chancellor of the National Skills University, served as Principal author.

This widely read and ranked on top of the list scholarly contribution across the globe describes the potential of plant-derived constituents in the treatment of viral infections. However, their discovery path should be through establishing modern drug discovery practices Prof. Mukhtar team argues.

It is worth mentioning here is that Prof Mukhtar is recipient of an outstanding scientist visa (O-1 visa) award from the American government for his contributions towards understanding the passage of viruses into the human brain.

The preliminary condition for this award is that the recipient is a Nobel Prize awardee or has equivalent credentials.

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