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No representation of women in new GB cabinet

Islamabad: The December 2 oath taking ceremony of the newly elected Gilgit-Baltistan Cabinet surprised many for its missing representation of women, who are more than half of the total population. Gilgit-Baltistan Governor Raja Jalal Hussain administered oath from the newly-elected members of the cabinet.

The political commentators of Gilgit-Baltistan said that for the first time in the history, after attaining new political status, half of the GB population has been deprived from the top policy making forum.

Qasim Butt -a senior journalist and former president of Skardu Press Club, said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has always claimed to set new trends and uplift vulnerable segments of the society, but the formation of the GB cabinet reflects the dichotomy of its claims.

He said there are young and energetic women lawmakers within the treasury benches, asking why they have not been given representation in the Cabinet.

“It is surprising for me,” says the senior journalist.
Butt said GB women have proved their abilities in every walk of life, adding that they can also be able to work with men at equal momentum on political and policy making forums.
“The contributions of women of this region cannot be undermined, he emphasized.

“I think the provincial government will have to review its decision after a couple of months,” he added.
To take the official version, when some members of the cabinet were contacted they avoided giving their feedback.

It is to mention here that there are 12 ministers, two advisors to CM, three special assistants to CM and two coordinators to CM are part of the new cabinet and all members have assumed their charge.

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