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LHC Rejects Petition to Restore Punjab Assembly, Fines Petitioner

The Lahore High Court (LHC) dismissed a petition on Monday that had been filed for the restoration of the Punjab Assembly. Justice Shahid Kareem deemed the grounds for the application inadmissible and imposed a fine of one million rupees on the petitioner.

Petition Dismissed as Inadmissible

According to reports, the Punjab Chief Minister had dissolved the assembly without citing any reason. The petitioner, a political activist from Faisalabad, had prayed to the court to restore the Punjab Assembly.

Petitioner’s Credentials Questioned by Justice Shahid

During the hearing, Justice Shahid Kareem questioned the credentials of the petitioner and remarked that the application had wasted the court’s time.

“What kind of application is this?” Justice Shahid asked. “Who filed the petition?” The lawyer responded that the petitioner was a political activist from Faisalabad.

With the dismissal of the petition, it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to restore the Punjab Assembly.

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