Imran Pak’s saviour or its worst nightmare?

There is no doubt that majority of the people were considered Imran Khan and his party as its saviour and most of them were convinced to the extent of faith that Imran Khan will resolve the problems and challenges. They were hope that Imran Khan will revitalise the economy, create much needed jobs and introduce system of merit and rule of law.

But experiencing his government since August 2018, Imran Khan proved himself as worst nightmare, as a ruler. Those who saw him as saviour are very disappointed and heartbroken. Their hopes, their dreams and their longings have been bloodied step by step. And let me to tell you that the blood of the nation’s hopes, aspirations and dreams has been shed by none other than Captain Khan himself and his team. And the reasons are obvious to all.
As far as the challenges and problems facing the country and the nation are concerned, thinking or approach our nation is fundamentally wrong that an individual can resolve our issues. The nations destiny, their success or failure is always in the hand of individuals, not the individual.

Youth play a key role. Citizen and youth have been kept out of the affairs of the country under a plan policy. Not only that, but the most misleading thoughts, ideas and ideologies have been inculcated in their minds. That is why today, for all the problems of a Pakistani, especially youth, criticises or disagree with former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, his family, Asif Zardari and his family, and every opposition leader or political party for issues and problems country facing.

It is also unfortunate that the thinking of the nation has been distorted to such an extent that today in this country and in this society, differences are attributed to opposition. However, paths on which we are traveling and destination we are dreaming, but after more than seven decades, we must come to the conclusion that our path is not leading to destination but to the disgrace, and destruction of the country and nation. When will our masters understand the fact that repeating the same experiment over and over again will never yield different results?

It is the result of our stubbornness, and political prejudice that today such people have been placed at the head of the nation who have to come up with a new way of thinking, a plan of action which will make the days of the nation go back. Problems are reduced, on the contrary, they do not manage resources properly.

That is why due to government’s incompetency, capabilities, negligence of the departments, half of the development annual simply lapsed. Despite of release of 100 percent funds for current year, only quarter of the uplifts funds utilizations in the first half of the year shows that rulers are taken to power with blessing of someone. But these blessing has become a poison for the nation. And in this dire situation, no immediate improvement can be expected because a clear majority of the nation still have hopes from the “people” who have no idea how to resolve.

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