Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Rise of Ammara Athar

A woman has made a historic move in the police force of Attock, as she takes on the role of the first female DPO in the province of Punjab. Ammara Athar, a seasoned police officer who has previously served as SSP in Multan, is now leading the charge in Bahawalnagar and Sargodha.

Punjab is known for having high instances of crimes against women, and with this new appointment, the province is taking a step forward in the right direction. With women in the police force investigating crimes against women, it sends a clear message of change.

Women police officers have shown that they can be just as effective, if not more, in tackling violent crimes against women. Male officers can often be shy or indifferent towards female citizens, which is a major drawback in a country where women make up half of the population. Women officers can not only educate their peers about the importance of sensitivity and privacy in certain crimes, but also bring a new and much-needed perspective to the table.

In a country where the conviction rate in rape cases remains low due to inadequate evidence collection and testimony recording, women police officers have the potential to bring about significant change. With their experiences and insights, they can lead improvements in the processes for gathering evidence and reporting criminal offenses. This could encourage more women to come forward and report cases of abuse.

It’s time to break away from regressive stereotypes and show that women can excel in demanding jobs, just like Ammara Athar. Her appointment serves as a call to action for other provinces to follow suit, and for the government to support the trend by making more key appointments open to female officers.

Let’s salute Ammara Athar, a trailblazer who is breaking down barriers and paving the way for more women in uniform to take on leadership roles.

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