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Govt Forms Judicial Commission to Investigate Audio Leaks

Islamabad: In a significant move, the federal government has established a three-member judicial commission, led by Senior Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court, to investigate the validity of audio leaks and their potential impact on the independence of the court.

The decision was made during a meeting of the federal cabinet, with Chief Justices Naeem Akhtar Afghan and Aamer Farooq also appointed as members of the commission.

Under Section 3 of the Inquiry Commission Act 2017, the federal government has the authority to constitute a Commission of Inquiry when there is a need to investigate a matter of public importance. In this case, the commission’s focus will be on examining the authenticity of the audio leaks and assessing their potential repercussions on the judiciary’s independence.

While the usual practice involves seeking the approval of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to appoint a judge for such a commission, a senior government official argues that the law does not specifically require the CJP’s consent.

The commission will specifically investigate five audio leaks, with a particular emphasis on those involving the CJP’s family. Additionally, higher bar associations have filed a complaint against a Supreme Court judge regarding an audio leak of a conversation with a former chief minister.

This development highlights the government’s commitment to upholding the integrity and independence of the judiciary, as it takes steps to address the concerns raised by the audio leaks and ensure a fair and transparent investigation.

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