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Government plans celebrations for 50th anniversary of Constitution

The government is planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution on April 10, 1973, with massive events that will occur over the coming months. The culture minister announced that a big event would take place on the actual anniversary day.

The celebrations will involve many cultural and educational programmes, exhibitions, seminars, and other activities to emphasize the importance of the Constitution and its role in establishing the country’s democratic system. Foreign dignitaries and specialists have been invited to take part in the activities and offer their perspectives on the Constitution and its effects on the region.

The Constitution has provided a framework for the rule of law, the separation of powers, and the protection of individual rights, and it has been essential in establishing 50 years of unbroken democratic rule. The government is encouraging all citizens to participate in the celebrations and consider the importance of the Constitution in their daily lives.

The festivities are anticipated to foster a sense of national pride and unity, reminding citizens of the shared values and aspirations that underpin the country’s democratic system. The administration has called on all citizens to participate in the events and reflect on the significance of the Constitution.

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