Google Launches Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan

Google has announced the launch of the Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan, a four-month program aimed at identifying high-potential app developers, studios, and companies.

The program aims to offer intensive education and support to app developers, including industry leaders, in areas such as Ads, Firebase, AdMod, gTech, and Play.

The program is based on four core pillars: Build, Develop, Launch, and Scale. The Gaming Growth Lab Pakistan will benefit local entrepreneurs with an opportunity to learn from Google experts, connect with like-minded individuals, access Google resources, and receive personalized mentorship from Google experts.

The initiative will help the companies to identify and nurture talented developers who have the potential to grow. The program will start in June and continue for four months, and interested organizations, app, and development studios may apply until May 22, 2023.

Benefits of Gaming Growth Lab for Pakistani Entrepreneurs

The Gaming Growth Lab Pakistan will benefit entrepreneurs by offering them an opportunity to learn from expert web developers, connecting them with other like-minded individuals, providing access to Google resources, and offering one-on-one mentorship from Google experts.

This personalized mentorship will help participants to overcome the challenges faced while building and scaling their apps.

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