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KP Police Officials Convicted for Taking Bribe and Illegal Detention

Peshawar: In a shocking revelation, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police officials have been found guilty of taking a bribe of Rs. 50 Lacs, illegal detention of a citizen, and other unlawful activities.

According to details, the investigation was conducted following a complaint submitted by Mr. Zeeshan, who alleged that the officials raided his house illegally and confiscated his belongings, including Rs. 50 Lacs, a motorcar, mobile phone, documents, passports, and a purse containing Rs. 15000/-.

A preliminary inquiry was conducted by the Internal Accountability Branch of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which found the officials guilty of the allegations and recommended a departmental inquiry.

The officials found guilty include Sub Inspector Sadiq Shah, Additional SHO Police Station Rahman Baba, who took an amount of Rs. 50 Lacs and 4000 US Dollars from the house of the complainant.

Sub Inspector Manzoor Khan, SHO Police Station Rahman Baba was also found guilty of the illegal detention of Adil s/o Alta Ullah in his police station due to lack of interest and weak supervision.

Inspector Noor Haider, SHO, and ASI Shah Khalid of PS Banamari were also found to have deliberately shown a vehicle against accused Israr s/o Muhammad Ishaq of case FIR No. 1358 dated 19.10.2022 u/s 9D NSA PS Rahman Baba.

Following the Police Rules 1975 (amended 2014), a proper charge sheet, along with a summary of allegations, was issued against them, and SP Cantt was appointed as the Enquiry Officer. The Enquiry Officer submitted his findings and concluded that the allegations against SI Sadiq Shah and SI Manzoor Khan stand established.

This is a significant development, and the government must take appropriate action against the officials found guilty to ensure justice for the citizens.

Such incidents of corruption and unlawful activities by those responsible for maintaining law and order undermine the credibility of the police force and damage public trust in law enforcement agencies.

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