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Girl gashed younger brother imitating what happens in drama Ertugrul Ghazi

By Niaz Ahmad Khan & Syeeda Seerat

A 10-year-old girl gashed her younger brother while imitating thrilling scenes of drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi in the Mingora area of Swat, KP.

The young girl inspired by the drama serial `Dirilis Ertugrul” was playing with her younger brother when she suddenly stabbed her younger brother’s arm, leaving him injured.

It is pertinent to mention here that since the serial was first aired on the national TV channel, reports of children stabbing one another while playing ‘Ertugrul’ ‘Ertugrul’ have emerged from across the country. In all these instances, children were imitating what usually happened in the serial.

The serial has evoked both praise and criticism from many spheres of society.

While highlighting positive and negative impacts of the historic drama, Dr Haider Ali, a psychologist at Swat University, said on the hand the serial is playing a crucial role in disseminating the Islamic ideals among the masses. Moreover, it also helped the youth to get familiarize with the true heroes of Islam.

Talking about negative impacts, he said the serial is glutted with the violence which negatively impacts the psyches of individuals, especially those of the children.

Swat Electronic Media Association General Secretary Shehzad Naveed said the serial served as a key source of entertainment for the people nowadays. But on the other hand, he also endorses the fact that it played a significant role in promoting a violent culture in the society.


Dirilis Ertugrul is a Turkish serial which is based on the life of Ertugrul Gazi. Ertugrul was the father of the founder of Ottoman Empire, Uthman.

The serial has become a sensation in the Muslim world and many Muslim countries are airing it on their national TV channels. Pakistan is also in the said list.
In Pakistan, the serial has been translated in the national language and usually telecasts five days a week on PTV. So far, 250 episodes have been aired and it remains the most watched series in Pakistan.

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