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Countdown to Elections: Sahiwal District Ready with 1,303 Polling Stations

In Sahiwal district, all preparations have been finalized for the forthcoming general elections across three national assembly and seven provincial assembly constituencies, scheduled for tomorrow. The distribution of essential equipment to the polling staff has commenced, ensuring a smooth conduct of the electoral process.

Presiding officers are set to arrive at their designated polling stations by this evening to kick-start the polling promptly.

A substantial electorate of 1,747,205 individuals, comprising 944,245 men and 802,960 women, are poised to exercise their voting rights across the district.

To accommodate this electorate, a total of 1,303 polling stations have been established, including 376 male, 346 female, and 581 mixed polling stations.

Deputy Commissioner and District Returning Officer Ikram-ul-Haq conducted a comprehensive review of security arrangements at sensitive polling stations in the district. Surveillance measures have been bolstered with the installation of CCTV cameras at all these locations.

The logistical aspect has also been meticulously addressed, with transportation arrangements in place for ferrying polling staff to and from their assigned stations. The deployment of police personnel has been orchestrated to ensure the security of the electoral process, supplemented by the presence of Rangers and army troops as standby contingencies.

In terms of constituency specifics, NA-141 will witness 582,432 voters casting their ballots across 430 polling stations, while NA-142 and NA-143 will accommodate 580,075 and 584,698 voters respectively, with similar allocations of polling stations.

For the provincial assembly seats, eligible voters in PP-198 to PP-204 constituencies range from 241,888 to 265,194 individuals.

District Returning Officer Ikram-ul-Haq has reiterated strict adherence to the code of conduct during the electoral process, warning of immediate action against any violations to uphold the sanctity of peaceful elections.

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